Cream Pie Strain – A Delicious Indica-Dominant Hybrid

The CBDDY – cream pie strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that smells like a slice of freshly baked pie. Growers of this strain often describe it as a deliciously sweet and refreshing bud that can help erase stress, encourage relaxation, and deliver a surprisingly long-lasting high.

What is the best strain for anxiety and PTSD?

The terpenes that give the cannabis a sweet flavor include Carene, Phellandrene, and Pulegone. These terpenes make the flavor of this strain triple in its saccharine nature, while also creating an aroma that is both exotic and savory.

This potent indica-dominant strain is perfect for patients who suffer from a range of medical conditions. It provides relief from pain, stress, depression, insomnia, and appetite loss, courtesy of the high THC content.

Exotic Genetix has developed this bud through a cross between Cherry Pie and Cookies and Cream, resulting in a sweetly flavored bud that is easy to smoke and a pleasant high. The buds are dense and covered with trichomes that produce a sweet aroma.

Users report feeling a strong, cerebral buzz that starts with an uplifting sense of creativity and energy. In the later stages, this effect can become hazy and relaxing, making this a great choice for lazy afternoons.

This strain may cause paranoid, recursive thinking in some consumers, so this is not a good idea for those with mental health issues such as schizophrenia. It also shouldn’t be consumed by patients who have a low tolerance to THC.