How to Think of a Good Password

how to think of a good password

As most people know by now, good basics of information security  should be long, include a mix of letters and numbers and ideally include a special character. Moreover, they shouldn’t be anything that can be easily tied to the user, like a name or date of birth or even a sequence of keyboard keys, such as “qwerty.” But how does one think of a good password?

Traditionally, the best passwords are easy to remember and difficult for hackers to guess or crack by using brute force. To that end, many people look for a memorable line, phrase or song lyrics as a basis for their passwords. But while that might work for some, it’s not always secure. For example, dates of birth are often easy to find out through social media or personal information on websites, and can be used by hackers as part of a brute-force attack.

Guarding Your Digital Realm: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Information Security Basic

Instead, consider these password ideas that strike the right balance between ease of recall and security.

Use a favorite line from a movie or book: