Old Land Rover Defenders Still Sell Well

Despite the arrival of the new Defender in 2015, there is still a significant demand for old land rover defender. Even high-mileage models command price tags that can match or exceed the cost of newer, far more capable vehicles.

Which Land Rover is the best?

The old Defender is one of the most iconic cars in the world, a boxy, rugged off-roader that stands for independence and freedom. Few cars have been as revered for decades, and few still carry the same value as the Defender today.

Modern Defenders aren’t the same as their ancestors; they offer up more space, comfort and modern tech features. They also keep a classic look, including that signature boxy design and rear-mounted spare tire.

Our test vehicle, an Osprey-built Defender 90, is a great example of how to update the original without betraying its heritage or turning it into something that feels like a contemporary SUV. A grille that evokes the original but has flush-fitting windows, official Land Rover wheels and an Atoto aftermarket head unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make the Defender feel more up to date.

The cabin of the Osprey Defender is very well done, but there are some areas that need work. Firstly, the driving position is quite uncomfortable, with the front passengers sitting extremely high and with a lot of room for shoulders to rub against the doors.

The engine isn’t too powerful, but it’s surprisingly responsive and the ride quality is fine. Combined with the smaller wheelbase and air springs, it makes the Defender a more comfortable and lively off-roader.