The Rotovac 360i For Sale – The Most Powerful and Easiest to Use Commercial Carpet and Tile Cleaning System

rotovac 360i for sale

The rotovac 360i for sale  for sale is the most powerful and easiest to use Carpet & Tile Cleaning System available. It operates in a simple self propelled side to side motion and weighs only 39 lbs. It delivers cleaning results that will impress your customers. The rotary jet extraction power head uses three stainless steel shoes and spray jets to create hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. This allows for less overspray, more agitation and speedier dry times. It works with any extractor – from a standard 100 psi portable to the largest truck mount.

Is the Rotovac 360i Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Review

The 360i has a rotating brush with 3 spray jets and vacuum rings to thoroughly clean all surfaces in one pass. The rotary scrubbing brush is a favorite of many professionals because it limits the amount of physical labor needed, reduces wand fatigue and produces superior cleaning results. The patented design offers the latest state of the art technology in commercial tile and grout cleaning. It gives you something new and different to market to your clients and helps you grow your business by word of mouth referrals.

With a quick change out of the cleaning head, the 360i can also be used to deep clean carpet. The rotary jet carpet cleaning head features a vacuum ring to remove all the overspray and dirt from the surface. It can be used with a Bonnet Pad for dry carpet cleaning, encapsulation or hard floor cleaning. This cleaning head is equipped with low profile premium polyester-rayon blend loops that offer superior soil grabbing and durability. It is air flow calibrated to work with any portable or truck mount extractor that uses a standard 12 inch wide cleaning wand.