What You Need to Know About Stickers on Windshields

windshield banner

A windshield banner is a curved sticker that can be placed on the front or back of your car, truck or SUV. The vinyl material of this decal is durable and will not fade in the sun, keeping your message fresh and visible for your customers.

How to Install a Windshield Banner

To install a custom windshield banners | Vinyl Status, first measure the width of your windshield to make sure the banner fits well. Next, remove the white paper backing and clear plastic transfer tape on the decal. Use a credit card or other object to rub over the clear transfer tape to adhere the decal securely to the window.

You can also apply small decals using the dry method, where you simply place it on the window and push out any air bubbles that may be trapped under the transfer tape. This is a good way to keep your decals clean, but it can be tedious when applying multiple decals.

Creating Custom Windshield Banners for Your Sports Team or Club

It is unlawful for a person to operate any motor vehicle with any sign, poster or non-transparent material on the front windshield, side wings, side windows or rear windows that obstructs, obscures or impairs the driver’s clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway. It is also illegal to operate any vehicle with a windshield banner that obstructs or interferes with normal vision of the road.

For the most part, windshield stickers are allowed if they are a maximum 7-inch square, placed in the lower left corner of the windshield farthest removed from the driver or a maximum 5-inch square placed in the lower corner of the windshield nearest the driver. They cannot obstruct the view of the driver and must not be more than 4 inches tall.